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We got to chat with upcoming Indie-rock artist, Sugar Nap about his love and passion for his music and upcoming projects

How are you taking charge of your music right now?

Right now I’m taking charge of my music by establishing dates for live shows to create a physical and live presence as well as laying the groundwork for a new album by writing and extensively overhauling and upgrading my home studio. I’m ecstatic about the new year.

What is a big declaration you want to make known when it comes to your music?

I’m not sure that there is any one great thing I want to declare. I want to create music people can escape and relate to, and if there were any declaration, it would be to relentlessly pursue the most vivid life one can imagine, and to stop at no end to achieve whatever dream you can dream.

Is there more of you as an artist that fans haven't seen yet?

I think there are many sides to me as an artist that fans haven’t yet seen. I think some of those sides may never be seen. By the time I get to show them, I may be something entirely different. I don’t imagine my records all sounding the same, but I think probably each would captivate all of those different versions of me and whatever evolutions may come.

What do you have lined up performance wise for your fans to listen to the music?

Right now I have a whole live set professionally recorded on YouTube and my website available, covering songs from the EP and unreleased songs.

Before you get into what you'll be making next, what is something that is the deal breaker for you on whether the project gets made?

I don’t know that there are any deal breakers about this next project. I plan on making the album this next year, the only thing that might prolong it being made would be a bunch of live shows coming up.

Let's find your music and more! Leave us with links! Thank you Sugar Nap!

Great, thank you!

^ you will find everything here!

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