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Eva Grace Sings On Feeling Heartbreak Before It Happens in ‘still cry sometimes’

Eva Grace recognizes the misery of heartbreak, yet takes it from a different perspective - the awareness before it happens. Eva Grace manages to personify the emotional sorrow felt from a relationship that needs to come to an end in the new single titled, “still cry sometimes.”

The alt-pop singer places the lyrics into a beautiful - yet sad melody which speaks on a relationship with someone with a different level of commitment.“This song is about the feeling of being with a person who was never there for you in the way you needed," says Grace. "Whether they're out of your life or not, it’s okay to still feel betrayed by this person. The lingering emotions of past pain are valid, but that doesn’t make them any less painful.”

"still cry sometimes”is out everywhere! For more on Eva Grace and to listen to her already released tracks, follow her on social media and subscribe to her YouTube channel.



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