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Dressing for Revenge

Claiming all top 10 spots on Billboard Hot 100, Taylor Swift has broken records with her latest album release ‘Midnights.’ Rounding out the top 10 with her venomous, revenge-seeking single, ‘Vigilante Shit,’ Swifties are conspiring to find out who the track is about.

With lines like “picture me, thick as thieves with your ex-wife,” and references to some “cold-hard proof,” fans are wondering if Swift is referring to Scooter Braun’s recent divorce from ex-wife, Yael Cohen. However, with just enough of the what, when and where to keep listeners invested, Swift keeps the focus on the emotions.

The vengeful track plays homage to the 2017 album, Reputation, with its striking baselines and eerie tone. The main character makes it very obvious that she does not act for anybody but herself, similar to those of recent releases by artists like Dove Cameron or Charlotte Lawrence.

An empowering anthem with a focus on revenge that is bound to be heard by many, ‘Vigilante Shit’ is an invigorating track that reminds listeners not to get sad, but to get even.

“So on the weekends, I don’t dress for friends, lately I’ve been dressing for revenge.”



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