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David Austin Uses Childhood Memories as Fuel Inspiration for New Single, “Cut Hunting”

Growing up in a small town has its benefits - and singer-songwriter David Austin highlights a few of those in his new single, “Cut Hunting” The now 25 year-old reflects on his adolescent years in the rural Marin County, CA.

“This song is about searching for secluded locations, ‘cuts,’ away from the watchful eye of parents or authority.” Says David.“These are the places in high school where you could just be yourself and do whatever you wanted.” I wrote it near the start of the pandemic, when I was back at my parents’ house for a few weeks and all these memories of being a high schooler looking for weekend adventures came back to me."

David Austin has proved his songwriting abilities by his mastery to paint portraits through his descriptive lyrics. Austin uses Bruce Springsteen’s artistry as inspiration to create the time-traveling memoir.

Where to Find David Austin

Facebook: @davidaustinsongs

Instagram: @davidaustinsongs /


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