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Dariann Leigh Unravels The Feeling Of Heartbreak In “Leave”

Country music’s breakup hits routinely consists of retaliation lyrics. However, country artist Dariann Leigh decides to take a different approach in her new single, “Leave.” The track reveals the singers experience of loosing herself after a difficult breakup.

“You were always trying to change me / mix it up and rearrange me
I’m not the one to let the rules bend / then I started playing pretend”

The Nashville recording artist has been vulnerable about her closeness to the single since its release announcement. Leigh has been vocal on social media sharing with fans her process of healing and empowering others to do the same. “I hope “Leave” is able to find a home in each of your hearts like it has mine.” Says Leigh. “I hope it brings you a sense of validation for the feelings you have felt, and makes you want to leave bad love behind.”

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