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Dariann Leigh Makes Waves with “10,000 Miles” Music Video

With driven emotional power, Dariann Leigh highlights the sacrifice military members make with the music video for her latest single, “10,000 Miles.” Relating her own experience of a loved one’s absence, Leigh finds her hope in knowing their everlasting bond is worth fighting for. Acknowledging the feelings of separation, Leigh unleashes her emotions to discover her experience is felt by countless more. “The nights are so long / I feel so alone...” she croons, fighting the fires of isolation. Searching for answers to her restlessness, Leigh focuses her attention on the anticipation of her loved one returning from overseas. “From sea to shining sea, I know you’re out there fighting…” she belts, uncovering hope in the face of uncertainty. It’s a remarkable moment that recognizes the sacrifice members of the military have made for our freedom.

Making waves with her stormy video, Leigh reveals a heart-stopping moment that tears into the very fabric of American pride. The difficulty of loving someone so far away forces Leigh to examine herself, where she uncovers her unwavering appreciation for the military and their families. With lyrical brilliance and a captivating melody, paired with a emotion-soaked music video, Dariann Leigh delivers a profound statement that will be remembered for years to come.

“10,000 Miles” is available NOW! Watch the music video here:

To connect with Dariann Leigh, follow her @dariannleigh, and visit her website at:


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