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Dane Louis - the Not So “Bad Guy”

The self proclaimed “Bad Guy” Dane Louis may not be so bad after all. Releasing his third single about love, he turned heartbreak into a hard rock anthem.

“Bad Guy” is what any listener is looking for. It’s a sing along, echoes relatable lyrics, makes you want to dance in your boots and takes you back in time. Dane’s powerful and honest voice makes listeners can’t help but have his back. His cool and sometimes mysterious image is intriguing.

Dane may not be from the south, but he is a country boy at heart. He’s started to bring Nashville country to a rock stage. The Iowa native has shared his music at home when performing at the Iowa Farewell Show at the Hard Rock Sioux City and selling over 600 tickets. Dane is a natural entertainer and always has a fun time performing.

Listen to Dane’s new single “Bad Guy” out now!

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Check out his website!


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