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County Wide “Good Advice” - a message for all listeners.

County Wide returns with a reminiscent song reflecting on the same growth that got them where they are today. Taking in every piece of “Good Advice” thrown their way from friends and family, they have been directed through every turn thrown their way. We often forget to appreciate the little ways this steering helps us out when we don’t know what path to take next. However, with “Good Advice” County Wide paints the picture that advice-taking isn’t always that simple.

It can be hard to ask for help, and mistakes happen. However, knowing you have people around you to rely on for the answers and advice you need in certain situations is something that will always be priceless.

Thinking back on every twist and turn, each piece of advice that stuck and passed through one ear and out the other, you can see just how great of an effect it had on your character. The effects all depend on whose advice you accept, and that can be one of the hardest things to learn how to weigh while growing up, meeting new people.

County Wide has taken some great advice throughout their journey so far, and look forward to sharing more stories like this one with their audience to come. Their new single, “Good Advice” is available to stream on any platform.


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