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Country Singer Writes Global Pandemic Anthem And The World Takes Notice

From Australia To Africa, Country-Soul Singer, Temperance Lancecouncil's Healing And Homage Anthem, “Globally We Sing; Erase 19,” Is A Taste Of What The Doctor Ordered As an homage to the “virus-killers,” aka the best and brightest research professionals at the world's leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies feverishly working to eradicate the pandemic from our global existence, “Globally We Sing; Erase 19,” is giving a global rise to its singer-songwriter, Temperance Lancecouncil. Currently, the song is being played all around the globe, from on every music platform. The singer-songwriter says, “My song's mission is to unite the world under one umbrella of solidarity, and to evoke pride and support for the world's heroic research scientists, virologists and medical professionals – the 'virus killers.' And that mission is universally color-blind,” says the anthem songwriter, Temperance Lancecouncil; a black, female, country singer. Jokingly (and also true), she's given herself a very colorful moniker: 'the chocolate, blonde, country-soul singer.' However, she's very serious when she explains, “I felt emotionally propelled to pen it and sing it in the soulful way that I've done, but it's a universal, non-partisan, song of unity, hope and solidarity. I wrote it for the global domain,” explains Lancecouncil, one of a few women of color in country music. Some have already compared her to country singer, Mickey Guyon, another black woman, but she says their styles are vastly different. Having been the only black cheerleader on a cheering squad, she says being in that rare group of black, female country singers doesn't bother her. She's also been labeled as 'country music's chocolate blonde.' She opines with a huge grin that "chocolate blondes are no longer rare." She ends by jubilantly saying how honored she'd be if the anthem were played at a Nobel Prize ceremony, when they start awarding prizes to the “virus-killers.”


Temperance Lancecouncil is an American, country-soul songstress and songwriter in Los Angeles, CA. She's also worked as an actress, and has appeared as a television commentator on FOX News and CNN. REVIEWS "This is an awesome production. And the vocals are so nice and the lyrics I love them. We have added the song to the playlist." RADIO 251 "Globally We Sing; Erase 19" is now spinning on BMS Radio Chicago. This song captures the listener's attention from the first note. It sets an inspirational tone. The vocal performance is good. Plus, the content will appeal to a large audience. It will fit in well during blocks of meaningful and touching music." DJ Special Blend from Chicago “Few songs you’ll hear cover such immense emotional ground. The production is simply stellar and her command of the performance begins with its opening line.” Matt Herman, Camden Monthly “It was lovely working on this. What an amazing track, you should be really proud.” Jamie1104, Music reviewer, United Kingdom.


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