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COLE's Debut Album Don't Forget Me is a Compilation of Relatable, Ethereal Tracks

 Emerging indie singer-songwriter COLE released her debut album Don't Forget Me on Friday, October 23rd. It serves as a dreamy yet edgy album full of tracks that explore multiple different subjects and themes personal to her. Her vibrant personality shines through in all 10 tracks featured, and her incredible talent in storytelling and musical abilities are front and center in the album. 

     With moving lyrics and ethereal effects, COLE explores themes of love, heartbreak, and reflection on her past throughout the album. "I Forgot," the fourth track, expresses her regret for not admitting her love for a past crush. "I forgot to tell you that I'm in love with you / I'm sorry that I didn't say it sooner," she laments over the alluring track. Her bright vocals combine with her captivating tracks to create colorful, vivid images of her experiences. Her lyrics are personal to herself, encapsulating vulnerability while still maintaining relatability that listeners can find bits of their own experiences through. "Red Lights" is particularly captivating - from the beginning, she describes a scene of sitting at a traffic light. "It's turning yellow now, we better slow down / Or we could go, go, go out of this town," she sings in the first verse. The song showcases the storytelling abilities which show on each track - she puts listeners into moments through her lyrics filled with imagery and description. 

Don't Forget Me is COLE's first solo release since her single "Like This" in 2019, and it's her first full-length album. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, the indie-pop powerhouse quickly making a name for herself in the pop genre and beyond. Be sure to stream Don't Forget Me everywhere now, and continue to follow COLE's journey on social media as she takes the music world by storm.  


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