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Chelsey James Shines Humbly With "Hands on the Bible"

With a raw authenticity and a unique edge, rising country artist Chelsey James shares a humble message of gratitude with her song "Hands on the Bible." Influenced by her rural midwest upbringing, the song shines with pride for the small town she calls home with a thankfulness for the simple life she was raised to live.

Over ethereal effects backing a soft piano, James sets the scene to her "Sunup to sundown / workin' hard kinda town" with imagery so vivid you can almost visualize yourself there. In the chorus she reflects on the place she takes pride to call home and the humbleness encapsulated in all who live there alongside her. "Livin' that life where all we need for survival / is bread on the table and hands on the Bible." As James sings her lyrics of gratitude for the way she was raised the track builds with her powerful voice, adding a strength to her overall sentiment. She gives her sentiment a unique edge which brings a freshness to the theme of small town life heard so often within country music. 

Having opened for Brett Young, Dallas Smith, and the Randy Rogers Band, Chelsey James is quickly taking the country music world by storm. With a catalog of edgy, rocking country anthems filled with emotion and power in her signature style. Be sure to stream "Hands on the Bible" below, and follow James on her journey as she makes waves in the country genre and beyond.  

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