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Chelsey James Knows Not To Settle For Less

Chelsey James' new single, "The Men and The Boys," provides a new outlook on love life, dating, and mingling. In "The Men and The Boys," Chelsey James tells how a man would treat a woman versus how a boy would. This song fives women confidence and points on how a man should treat them, while also giving men a confidence boost to be the best version of themselves. With her powerhouse vocals and rock-edged style, James shows that not all men and women in the country music industry are the same.

"I wanted to write something that could compete musically with the men who are dominating country music by using the power of a female's voice," James explained. "There's this stigma separating men and women in country music and beyond, but I don't think it needs to be there; female emotions can take on an energy that's historically been viewed as masculine and vice versa." Chelsey James definitely draws the line between a man and a boy in "The Men and The Boys."

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