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Charlie Berry's Nostalgic Single: "It's Still Here"

Lyricist, country artist, producer and background vocalist, Charlie Berry, is showing off his own personal take on country music in his newest single It’s Still Here.” With an intricate, honest, “truth-revealing style of songwriting” Berry shares some personal feelings in this nostalgic track.

With references to old meet up spots with friends, the place he had his first kiss, or the stop sign that he ran the night he wrecked his car, Berry has a line in this song that everyone can relate to. This all goes back to the chorus that describes the feeling one gets when coming home after a while.

If I get far enough away the feelings disappear. But every time I come back it’s still here.

Reminding all of his fans that our memories, and the people and places that make them up, are what shape up us. They will stay with us even when we leave home and, they will make coming home even better.

For more on Charlie Berry, visit and follow him on social media @charlieberrymusic.


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