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Chad Bushnell Shows "Ain't Much Changed" in Upcoming Single Release

Time has passed but “Ain’t Much Changed” in Chad Bushnell’s upcoming single, coming September 23. Adding a Texas twang to a western way of life in true Bushnell fashion, “Ain’t Much Changed” is a nostalgia-filled, timeless country anthem that is heart-wrenching at its core.

‘Ain’t Much Changed’ hits home for a lot of people. Everyone has experienced loss at some point in their life,” explains the Northern California rancher. “This song talks about how a guy who loses someone continues to move on even though he misses his loved one.”

Loss is a widespread emotion, and Bushnell uses the universal language of music to convey his experience with the sentiment. “Ain’t Much Changed” is a quintessential country song; not just musically and instrumentally, but lyrically, possessing honest-to-goodness storytelling to cleverly connect with listeners in a real way.

"Ain't Much Changed" will be available on all streaming platforms September 23. For more on Chad Bushnell or to view his plethora of tour dates, visit, or follow him on social media @chadbushnellmusic.

Listen to music by Chad Bushnell on Spotify:


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