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Celeste Releases Hopeful Anthem “Hear My Voice” for Netflix Movie “The Trial Of The Chicago 7"

London based soul singer and heavily predicted 2020 breakthrough artist Celeste dropped her single “Hear my voice” on Thursday, October 8. She partnered up with Golden Globe nominated composer Daniel Pemberton to write the song for the soundtrack of the Netflix film "The Trial Of The Chicago 7", which will be available on Oct 16 and feature two more of her songs. The movie is about one of the most notorious trials in history about a peaceful protest gone bad in 1968. 

The song takes the listener straight to the 60’s, the long and reverb soaked notes of the 26 year old singer soar over a mid tempo, string heavy soul tune that reminds of Nina Simone’s “I put a spell on you” and Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” at the same time. Her vocals are often compared to those of the legendary Amy Winehouse and sometimes they even compare to Duffy's timbre is the higher ranges. The lyrics are limited to five simple but essential sentences, giving this song great chances of becoming a classic and consequentially catapulting it into the possible candidates of Grammy Award contenders: “Hear my voice, hear my dreams, let us make a world in which I believe”. It is a call to stay hopeful and faithful and believe in what is right in your heart, no matter the odds: “You may think I won’t be heard. Still I raise this hand, spread these words. These words of fire, of hope and desire”. Celeste says about this project: "I am so grateful to be part of such an important and timely film. Daniel Pemberton and I wanted to create a song that would be as meaningful, relevant and powerful as Aaron Sorkin’s film. He’s a true visionary and it really is an honor to contribute to this story.”

The British Jamaican musician and fashion icon won a Brit Award and BBC Music Award 2019, has been featured by publications such as The Guardian, Vogue, NME, and GQ and had her late night television debut on the Late Late Show with James Cordon in January of 2020. Her widely successful music video “Stop this Flame” has reached over 6 million views on youtube since it’s release in February and she will drop her highly anticipated self-titled first full album in January of 2021!


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