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California native reveals love/hate relationship with Tennessee in new single

California native expresses that he’s not a fan of the cold in his new single that released today. Just in time for the transition into cooler weather, Gary Russell Wertz (who goes by stage name GRW), released the song in hopes to give you glimpse inside the music industry. “Tennessee is Cold” compares the bipolar TN weather to that of the music industry that always has you pondering what’s going to happen next.

GRW has a passion “To bring in all cultures and reach across different cultures and countries to create a new sound. I incorporate elements of global sounds into many of my productions.” In a collaborative release back in July, he proved that genre lines are meant to be blurred with “Love Is The Action.”

“I’ve always let the music take me where it wants to,” reveals GRW, “I’ve never felt confined to the constraints of a certain genre. I don’t think music or art should live by a set of rules, so I don’t either.”

To check out the new single, click here. For more info on GRW, check out his website


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