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Bros Inc tap into pain of the streets on inspiring new EP ‘Bully Way Living’

Ma’el and Yasha Muhammad – AKA Bully Boy and 410 YDB – are biological brothers who make up the dynamic duo known as Bros Inc. This powerhouse hip-hop duo is lighting up the East Coast with their unique swag and standout style, which is featured on their new album “Bully Way Living,” for which they already have a deal with RMG Music/Sony. Featuring 10 songs that showcase their hometown of Baltimore City, the album is one part an introduction to the natural talents of these two brothers, and another part a display of such originality that many industry insiders are starting to sit up and pay attention.

The songs on the album are inspired by real life situations from the lives of these two brothers. The way they weave stories and rap about how they feel about what’s going on today is inspiring and thought-provoking. Their style is also entertaining and ready-made for chilling with friends or having a fun night out on the town. In fact, it’s that kind of carefree lifestyle mixed with hard work and perseverance that these brothers say equates to “Bully Way Living.”

“It’s about doing your thing and living life how you want,” Bully Boy said. “Just do what you want to get where you want to go without taking anything from anyone. We living the Bully way, and this album is us letting them know what’s going on.”

The debut single from the project is a song called “Hide,” the video for which just hit YouTube on Oct. 14. It’s a song about people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. According to the brothers, there have been too many occasions in their lives in which someone has promised to do something for them, but then never made good on that promise. They don’t walk the walk. This song, therefore, is a challenge to anyone listening that “You gotta stand on what you got going on,” they said.

“All this Internet talk won’t get you nowhere,” said 410 YBD. “You gotta stand on it, because if you don’t we’ll find where you hide.”

Born and raised in the violent drug-infested streets of Baltimore City, these two brothers have experienced their fair share of pain and hardship. They’ve lost three older brothers – one of them killed by Baltimore police, one murdered by gang violence and one passing from a drug overdose. That pain and struggle comes through in every single lyric and vibe they create through their music. In fact, it’s rap and music at large that helped them cope with the hardships of their lives, and by using that artform as a natural outlet they discovered a unique ability to connect with others.

“We feed off that everyday life we’re living,” Bully Boy said. “When we go in that booth it’s like two people with one mind, and we’re rapping about things we’re really living out. Ain’t no fake. Ain’t no script to this. That’s why it’s so authentic. It’s so real and raw. It’s like we uncut. The game ain’t uncut anymore, but we’re giving the real out.”

“Hide” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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