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BEN WITKOWSKI Releases 'Mountain Man' Single

Mountain Man by Ben Witkowski is about overcoming one’s doubts and fears to become the best version of themselves. From moments of beautiful acoustic guitars and violin harmonies, to raw, powerful vocals, Mountain Man takes you on a powerful journey of self-discovery. 

Ben originally wrote Mountain Man in Adelaide in 2013, once he re-discovered his love for music after going through a rough patch. The song was worked on for six years, and Ben said it changed “around 100 times”, before he finally had it recorded at Marshall Street Studios in Melbourne in 2019. 

I wrote ‘Mountain Man’ back in a time where I was struggling mentally. I started to think of everything that made me happy, and suddenly this other version of myself appeared in my mind. Someone who believed in themselves and could chase their dreams. I decided to name this alter-ego the ‘Mountain Man’. I hope this song can resonate with other people that may be doing it tough. We can all achieve anything if we truly believe in ourselves.’ - Ben Witkowski 

In 2017, Ben recorded and released a single, Army of Three. The song received very positive reviews online, particularly when it was submitted to MTV Asia’s song-writing competition, where it finished in 9th position in a public vote out of over 5,000 song entries. 

After sitting down on the family grand piano at age 7, Melbourne-born Ben Witkowski fell in love with music. In his teenage years, he got his hands on as many instruments as he could. Focusing on singing, guitar, and piano, Ben began writing uplifting and beautifully emotive anthems with distinct themes of chasing dreams and making the most of life. 

Mountain Man is the first of many powerful and epic songs that Ben has been working on and hopes to release to the world soon. 

For Fans Of: Of Monsters and Men | Mumford and Sons | Gang of Youths

‘Mountain Man’ is available now. 


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