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“Asian Blood” by Tarah Who?: A call for a fight to appreciate gender equality in the music industry

Mixed and mastered by Norm Block and Jesse Cannon, “Asian Blood” from Tarah Who? is a fathomless subject

Impeccably talented power duo Tarah Who? is recognized for their hard-hitting and head-nodding productions. Recently, they have come up with their brand-new track “Asian Blood,” which has signified the aspect of the portrayal of women in the music and movie industry. Highlighting the topics of punk music, politics, and feminism, they have composed a track that is capable of empowering women to pursue fulfilling their dreams. The lyrics in the song clearly state the must-needed change that is heavily required in the professional music space, which can see both men and women with equal eyes.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Tarah and Coralie have brilliantly conveyed the message of getting demoralized and demeaned when any female approaches the musical world. The need to look young is the primary parameter on which they are being judged. Being too young to understand the industry and being too old to get into it are the song’s main highlights that have purely clarified how a woman is perceived. Tarah Who’s bold lyrics and sharp drumbeats accompany the track in an ideal manner. Loud bass and thrilling guitar nodes in the track are certainly breaking the patriarchy of the musical space. “Asian Blood” is now available everywhere, including YouTube and Spotify. Follow Tarah Who? on Instagram for regular updates.


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