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Ashlie Amber Is Falling Hard in Love in “Open”

Ashlie Amber wants her partner to know how she feels with “Open.” Moving beyond a past heartbreak, Amber finds the thrill in falling in love again. She recognizes the excitement that comes with a new and undiscovered relationship. Offering a power-punch of summertime bliss, Amber releases a whirlwind of burning energy, leaving behind traces of a staple summer anthem. “You got my hands out the window on the highway,” Amber belts lustily in the chorus, living fast and free in the name of love. She has no doubt in her emotions, and she is completely open to living life in love again and appreciating the spontaneous passion.

Revealing what writing this song meant to her, Amber admitted, “This song feels like freedom. It's about letting go of all your inhibitions and hesitations and finally being open to love again.”

Proving to herself that she’s ready to love, Amber enjoys the new, by forgetting the old. She is willingly letting go of her restrictions and uncertainty and looks to live in love again with “Open.”

Ashlie Amber’s latest single “Open” is available NOW! Watch the official music video below!

Stream "Open" and more of your favorite Ashlie Amber's tracks on Spotify! Check out more at


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