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A Bubble Gum Pop Hit by Coi Leray

The iridescent track “Players” by American rapper/singer Coi Leray has proven itself to be a hit. Released in late November, the song sits at #9 on Billboards Hot 100 and #1 on Coi Leray’s discography. The song stands as a female anthem providing confidence and catchy beats to girl bosses all around.

A hip-hop song tangled around rap and laced with pop “Players” gained traction on the app TikTok upon its release. The effervescent song become a trending sound and launched it forwards, even getting its own remix. With the rise of female rappers, Coi Leray stands out with her distinguished voice and glamorous pop-rap amalgam.

“Players” is sampled from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's 1982 single, "The Message”. Breathing life into the earlier track, Coi Leray revives the beat giving it a frothy, champagne pop!

You can listen to “Players” on all streaming platforms and view the official audio video below.

To learn more about Coi Leray you can visit her website at and to stay updated be sure to check out her socials!


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