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COIN’s “You Are The Traffic” is a Dreamy Pop/Rock Metaphor

Alternative pop/rock band COIN released the debut single from their upcoming EP “You Are the Traffic,” and it’s a dreamy, upbeat song full of sweet metaphors and driving synths.

The lyrics liken someone you’re unable to let go of to traffic that seems to be never-ending. “You are the traffic / You are the problem,” lead singer Chase Lawrence tenderly sings. He continues, explaining that he loses sight of what’s in front of him, similar to a standstill on the interstate, asking “Why try to fight it?” The track’s steady beat driven by synths, a rhythm guitar, and light drums make the perfect accompaniment for Lawrence’s tender voice to smooth over.

The single is the first project the group has released since their Dreamland album in February of this year. The tour they had planned was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, and “You Are The Traffic” is the first project the band has released together since they had been self-isolating. Along with the single, they announced their upcoming EP, The Rainbow Mixtapes, will be released in October. For now, you can download and stream “You Are The Traffic” everywhere now.

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