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Avant-Pop Minimalist, Maeve Steele Pulls You To The Coast

In her first full length project, avant-pop minimalist, Maeve Steele pulls you to the California Coastline. “Barefoot” is the California native, singer and songwriter’s first full length project. The 4 song project is heavily inspired by the California coastline between Los Angeles and her home town in the Bay Area. The project easily takes you to the dreamy California coastline. Both Steele’s musical talent and songwriting talent is prevalent in “Barefoot”. The project is dreamy and airy with soft vocals and rich harmonies. The project pulls you in and keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

Maeve Steele’s raw talent is highlighted in “Barefoot.” Her ability to blend music genres to create her own sound is one that is quick to draw you in. Her music draws a heavy inspiration from Amy Winehouse, specifically her melancholy lyrics. The way Steele is able to illustrate her experiences and emotions, lyrically is part of what makes this project stand out. She was able to use her talent to create a lyrically genius and vocally incredible project that makes you crave more music from her. Maeve Steele’s latest release is available for streaming everywhere.

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