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Pime Hernandez Announces Upcoming Release, “Whiskey Pretty”

After hinting something in the works for quite some time, Nashville artist Pime Hernandez recently announced that his upcoming single titled “Whiskey Pretty” will be released on September 25th. He posted the track cover, featuring himself holding the top of his guitar in front of a wall of whiskey barrels. “I’m so excited for everyone to hear this one,” Hernandez said in the caption.

“Whiskey Pretty” will be Hernandez’s second single, following “Settin’ That Dial,” a mellow country tune from 2019. The Sarasota Florida native has been pursuing his music career in Music City for a few years now. He plays many local venues including the Bluebird Cafe, The Commodore Grill, and The 404 Bar & Grill. At The Salt & Pepper Grill, he hosts a writers round called “Just the Song” where he features and performs with other local artists.

“Whiskey Pretty” is set for release on September 25th, and we’re looking forward to hearing the new song. In the meantime, stream “Settin’ That Dial” everywhere now!

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