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Dariann Leigh Announces Her Next Single “Closer"

Small-town star Dariann Leigh recently announced her highly anticipated single “Closer”, coming September 25. This is Leigh’s second release of the year, following her last single “Wherever I Go”, which made a home for itself on MusicRow Magazine’s Country Breakout chart and was featured on both Heartland and The Country Network. Dariann Leigh hails from a tiny town in northern Minnesota with a population less than 1,000; nevertheless, the beaming country belle has claimed her spot in the public eye with multiple Midwest CMA Award nominations and features on Country Rebel and The Boot. While she possesses immense star quality, Leigh remains humble as she reflects on her own journey and her musical motives. “As a kid, I remember closing my eyes, plugging my headphones in and listening to tracks that ended up being the theme songs to my daydreams,” Leigh says. “I want to be that artist for someone else.” Leigh continues to inspire young dreamers with her vulnerable lyrics and authentic persona, and there’s no doubt that “Closer” will do just that. To keep up with Dariann Leigh, follow her on social media @DariannLeigh and visit her website

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