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Lady Gaga Masked Up for a Show-Stopping VMA Performance; Won First-Ever Tricon Award

Lady Gaga performed a medley of songs from her album Chromatica II , featuring several fan favorite songs at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. Her remote, futuristic performance featuring costume changes, masks, and even a guest appearance by Ariana Grande was definitely the highlight of the night.

Gaga kicked off her performance with “911,” sliding down a fire pole from a 90’s esque bedroom - herself and her ensemble of backup dancers behind her all danced in masks. In a silver wig and lime-green two piece, she performed just a minute before laying on the floor and transitioning into her pink outfit from the “Rain On Me” video, and Ariana Grande joined - also masked, in a two-piece purple outfit, and joined Gaga in absolutely killing the dance.

Gaga then made her way to a piano in the shape of a brain for a stripped performance of “Stupid Love.” She perfectly belted the soulful track, despite the mask - and after, she walked across the stage, encouraging viewers: “I want you to love yourself, tonight and every night. Celebrate yourself - love who you are. Be kind. Mask up. Be brave, and braver all the time.” Then, “Stupid Love” picked back up to its usual pace. She finished by climbing back up to the bedroom and plopping down on the bed - a whole mood.

Gaga took home several awards: Best Cinematography, Best Collaboration, Best Song, and Artist of the Year - and even had an award established for her: the Tricon Award, because “You can’t just call her a triple threat,” according to Bella Hadid. The award was created to pay tribute to everything she does, including her music, fashion, and activism. This was the first time Gaga performed music off of Chromatica , released in May of this year, and the first time she has

performed at the VMAs since 2013. Watch her full performance here:

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