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KPop Group BTS Performed From South Korea for MTV’s 2020 VMA “Dynamite” Debut

K-Pop group BTS performed for this year’s MTV’s Video Music Awards, all the way from South Korea - filmed against a green screen of New York City. In 70’s inspired suits and ties, they debuted the first performance of their recently released single, “Dynamite,” dancing in front of the city skyline, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and ending with fireworks over the city. Their choreography was quick, but seamless - almost resembling disco.

This was the first time the group has performed “Dynamite” since its release on August 21st. Last year, they made history on the VMAs after winning the show’s first ever Best K-Pop award for their collaboration with Halsey, as well as being the first group to be nominated for any of the VMA’s main categories, Best Pop. This year the group swept the award show, winning Best K-Pop Group, Best Group, Best Choreography, and Best Pop.

The group accepted their awards via video in South Korea, as well. You can watch their full performance here:

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