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The World Feels “Crazy” to Bazzi in His New Single

Pop artist Bazzi dropped his new hypnotic beat, “Crazy,” last Friday. It’s his fourth release from his upcoming project, the details of which are still a mystery.

In the track, a ticking clock can be heard over synth beats and a funky bass line. The rhetorical question repeated in the chorus, “How’d you get so out of your mind?” is full of frustration. It may seem like the song is about a girl, but Bazzi explained: “‘Crazy’ is about the state of the world... I wanted to make a song that mirrored the way I think the world feels.” His lyrics discuss the “American Dream,” and critiques of social media as well as conformity.

In the second verse, his words, “World on fire and you couldn’t care less,” makes the second time Bazzi has compared the world to going up in flames. No stranger to underlying social commentary in his work, his 2019 single “Caught on Fire” discusses political issues and misguidance, while looking to a brighter future.

The release date and title of his upcoming project has yet to be announced, however the release of “Crazy” follows closely behind “I Don’t Think I’m Okay,” “I Got You,” “Young and Alive,” and “Renee’s Song.” Check out “Crazy” out everywhere now!

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