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Paul Childers Promotes Self-Worth in Jazzy-Pop Single "The Song Inside You"

On the day of hearts, flowers and chocolates, Paul Childers sends a message to all with the release of his newest single The Song Inside You. Encouraging to see the beauty and light within yourself, Paul Childers promotes self-worth and being true to yourself.

The multi-genre Billboard charting artist showcases his critically acclaimed, unconventional blend of jazz, rock, R&B and soul while channeling the likes of pop’s biggest superstars Michael Bublé and John Mayer. A thing of beauty lasts forever, and this is what Paul Childers encapsulates precisely with new single, using lush background vocals and melodic guitar licks to display his emotions. Childers has always found innovative and compelling routes to bestow his music to listeners and his self-love song, The Song Inside You is no different.

The Song Inside You is the part of Childers’s 3-part concept album, Secondary Colors - consisting of EPs spanning from orange to green to purple. The second installment, The Green Chapter, or which The Song Inside You origins, releases February 28.

Childers credits his exquisitely enchanting sound of his sophomore project to touring across the globe supporting music powerhouses such as: Vince Gill, Third Eye Blind, and Leann Rimes to name a few. With endearing moments of jazz, rock, and r&b The Song Inside You initiates a magnetic and fervent era in Paul Childers music.

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