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MERLIN Carries The Torch Of Mystery in Debut Single, “Love”

MERLIN’s debut single “Love” is the first thing the world is going to hear from the one and only enchanting MERLIN. Being released in 2020 followed by a much anticipated EP coming out later this year she is buckling up for a wild ride.

Sonically and lyrically “Love” compares to the likes of pop music icons such as: Billie Eilish and Lorde. The production duo Late Boomers Club of Red 13 Studios helped assisted MERLIN in creating the dark and moody sound that she has achieved here with “Love”. The song is a love letter to MERLIN’s younger self warning about the lessons of false fantasy and love. This image comes to life as the cover art for “Love”. Depicting a young MERLIN clenching two barbie dolls taped onto the cover, the lyrics and image become one.

Hailing from her German and Albanian roots, MERLIN is no stranger to travel or the unfamiliar. Coming to terms with all of the change she endured at a young age, MERLIN used music and poetry as a constant in her life to eventually learn and be comfortable with English. Late in her adolescence she realized music was her true passion after exploring other fields like modeling and psychology. Combining her European background with her mesmerizing mystique she has created an unparalleled, ethereal sound.

One of the many gripping moments of the track is MERLIN’s manipulation of the xylophone to be the cornerstone of her sound. Showcasing a marque of elegance, celeste, and poetry MERLIN draws the listener in with her message and melody. You do not want to miss when MERLIN takes music by storm this year with debut single, “Love”.

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