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Dance the Night Away with Paul Childers' new single "I Got You"

Paul Childers’ releases an electrifying new music video for his single “I Got You”. “I Got You” is the first single from The Orange Chapter of his three-part EP series, Secondary Colors which encapsulates chapters including, Orange, Green, and Purple. The Orange Chapter in full length will be released Friday, January 24. Childers’ gives the world a new take on a love song with a compelling version on the screen. With sensational dancing and hot guitar riffs Childers’ travels with the viewer through a technicolor experience.

When asked about the most unique aspect of the song Childers tells, “While we were tracking this song, it took a while to find a sound that not only uniquely defined the choruses, but also gave us a jovial lift. We tried for hours on modern synths and keyboards, but nothing was quite right. During a break, Dane Bryant, Ace Lutz, and I were goofing around on a very old and somewhat cheesy sounding Yamaha organ that the County Q had. It sounded ridiculous but for some reason it felt perfect for the guitar lick and chorus melody to finally pop. There was no question that I was hesitant, but now I know it couldn’t have been anything else! You just never know how you’re going to get there in the end.”

“‘Love’ has been one of the biggest words that we’ve developed to describe something so truly vast and mysterious,” says Childers. “It’s the one word used to define a feeling that everyone chases. But it seems like my generation throws ‘love’ around so casually. When I say that I love someone, I mean it. I wrote ‘I Got You’ so that the person I’m saying it to knows that I mean it. It may sound colloquial compared to I LOVE YOU, but I GOT YOU goes deeper in my opinion. To prove it with every action and with every fiber in your being, that’s love. That’s getting them.”

Being an expert in communicating emotion in a way that is compelling to his fans, Childers is ready for the ride that “Secondary Colors” will give him. Being known and respected for doing things “his way” this project is no different. When all three colors are finally compiled it will create a 12 song album. “I Got You” is now available everywhere. Stay up to date for the complete release of The Orange Chapter Friday, January 24, and get ready for a captivating year with Paul Childers’ Secondary Colors.

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