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Up-and-coming country singer-songwriter: Liz Moriondo

Liz Moriondo is a powerful and unique country singer-songwriter with a trendy style and loveable presence. She moved to Nashville almost 7 years ago, loves the music scene and feels that this is the perfect place to do exactly what she is doing. This Missourian country chick not only sings country music, but lives the lifestyle as well by hunting, fishing and even being featured on TV shows like Lunkerville and Spiritual Outdoor Adventures. I had the pleasure and wonderful opportunity of watching Liz rock the Puckett’s stage and catching a few questions about her latest EP afterwards. At the gig, one of the many astounding songs she performed was her well-known parody of “All About That Bass” which caught the audience’s attention in no time. Liz did a wonderful job by keeping her listeners entertained with her intriguing and soulful vocals, as her passion shined through the entire restaurant the whole night.

When I asked Liz where her EP was recorded, she explained how the tracking was done at Starstruck and the vocals were done at Blackbird. She went on to tell me how all of the songs were produced by David Huff with the help of Steve Mark Antonio as the sound engineer. After I asked her about the musicians who played on this EP and the writers for it, she dropped a ton of recognizable names which you can locate on her website when you go and check out her amazing tunes. “Broken is Beautiful” is out now and you can find the catchy song on iTunes and all of her social media sites.

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