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Fresh Country Sounds on the debut album "Wildhorse"

New and fresh country sound is delivered by RaeLynn and her debut album "Wildhorse." The "The Voice" contestant of season 2 released her album on March 24, and reached this week's number one on the Billboard Country Music Album Charts. The singer and songwriter brings new energy into the country music scene with this album and her catchy melodies.

"Wildhorse" makes you feel like you are riding through the countryside on a horseback, trying to figure out your life, which is what RaeLynn also sings about. The songs on her album feature her journey in the last four years.

The title track "Wildhorse," where she sings "don't try to tame me, I'm a wild horse" shows that she's an independent woman, who will not change for anyone. In "Young" RaeLynn sings "One day you'll grow, like everyone. But now you are Young," with which she wants to encourage young people to use that time.

Mostly, she targets young people with her songs, but she also has a few songs for everybody on her debut album. "Diamonds" is a love song to her husband Josh Davis, to whom she recently got married. The vulnerable lead song "Love Triangle" tells the story of a child being stuck in the divorce of its parents. The 12 song album, of which RaeLynn co-wrote 11, ends with "Praying for Rain," where she sings about talking to God and finding out more about herself.

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