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5 Great Headphones for Country, Blues & Rock

When it comes to listening to genres such as country, rock, and blues, there is a very specific sound that they share – and that is the separation of the instruments. The music and sounds are much simpler in their design, which is why a pair of headphones that really let you hear the music that is being played is an important one.

In this article, we have gathered five of the best headphones for listening to country, blues, and rock music – helping you to make the best choice.

#1 Sony Extra Bass XB650BT

Arguably one of the best headsets produced by Sony, this one really delivers when it comes to the quality of the sound, as well as the deep bass that is sure to leave you buzzing. It’s crisp and clear, allowing you to pick out individual parts of each song, separating the instruments so that you can make the most of it.

They are noise cancelling as well, so don’t expect to be interrupted by the outside world. When you put this wireless headset on, it’s just you and the music – nothing else. You can even use it to take calls, and the buttons on the side allow you to adjust volume as well as switch tracks. It’s a nifty piece of tech that is sure to last you a while.

#2 Marshall Major II Bluetooth

This is the first pair of Bluetooth headphones from Marshall, and they really do not disappoint. When you first see them, they may appear a little small, especially with the compact way in which they are packed. However, you will find that they can really pack a punch in terms of power.

They deliver excellent sound quality, so you can hear every aspect of each song clearly – allowing you to become fully immersed in the music. They are made to be loud, and you might find that maximum volume is a little too much, so be prepared when you crank up the rock music to full blast. Fitting snugly on your head, they are comfortable too – which is important when it comes to prolonged use.

#3 Beats Solo 2

Beats are known for being good, and they are one of the most popular brands on the market. Everyone is buying them, and there has to be a reason why. Once you slip a pair of these on your head, you probably won’t want to go back to regular headphones. You can control the volume and track using the remote that is attached to the cable, which is a nice extra.

The sound quality is superb. It has the heavy bass that Beats are known for, but it also allows you to do some fine tuning for a little extra clarity. The headphones themselves sit very comfortably over your ears, cushioning them as you listen. This makes them ideal for extended periods of use, as your ears are unlikely to get sore.

#4 Shure SRH1540

These headphones are probably some of the most expensive you will find, but you can rest assured that the price is high for a reason. Once you have a pair of these on your head, nothing will ever feel quite the same in comparison. Durable and reliable, you can be sure that a pair of these will last you for years to come without going out of fashion.

The bass is potent, but never over the top, providing the perfect balance of sounds. The synths and symbols have sophisticated textures, making it, unlike any other music listening experience you ever had. It’s like a live performance happening in your head. They may be massive to look at, but when you place them on your head, you will be amazed by how incredibly light they are. They are, in many ways, perfection.

#5 Phonaudio 200s

This is a newer brand, and one that has only recently joined the main market. This pair of headphones is stylish, with a cool modern look that will certainly help out to stand out a little. They can feel a little delicate and light at first, but you should not let this put you off. Once they are on your head, you will hardly notice they are there, and they have excellent noise isolation.

The sound quality is excellent. The bass is deeper than most headphones, but this isn’t over the top, and it won’t take away from the clarity of the music you are listening to. You can use buttons on the headphones to take calls, change tracks, and alter the volume – a pretty handy addition. It also has voice command, which can be useful for some.

To Conclude

Hopefully, one of the headsets here will make the perfect device for listening to the best of your music. After all, each of these is perfectly suited to the cool, yet simple tunes that the genres of country, blues, and rock provide. When it comes to your music, only the best should be good enough.

About the Author

Dan Anderson is a freelance writer and blogger. You can keep up to date by following Dan on Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in reading more of his music and audio related content, be sure to check out his audio guides here.

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