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Fall in Love with Thomas and Laur All Over Again!

As if the single “Star of the Show” alone wasn’t enough to get us swooning, the music video has us in seventh heaven! We have yet to meet a person that is not obsessed with Thomas and Lauren’s relationship, but if that’s you, watch this to have your mind changed.

Lauren is only in the video in the very beginning and very end, but we still get to see into their personal relationship in the short amount of time given to us. Their goofy spirit reminds of us how humble and down to earth they are, regardless of how much fame and success is being thrown their way.

The video has a “walk into it” concept, which adds a lot to the image. It is very similar to the music video “You & I” by One Direction, but we think this one has more of a story-line. Thomas is going to all of these different places and doing all of these different things but in the end he is right back where he started- with Lauren.

We are all for Lauren being in all of these music videos, so keep it coming, Thomas! We love her almost as much as we love you!

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