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In Charge Gets a New Site Contributor!

In Charge is excited to announce their recent new addition to the team! We are welcoming a new contributor to the website- Marc-Alan Barnette, or “MAB”. MAB is a singer, songwriter, teacher and coach based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has had a highly successful career as a performer; he has won National Talent Contests and has had his songs recorded by Grammy Winner Shelby Lynne and country legends David Ball and John Berry. As for his teaching career, he has assisted Frankie Ballard, Megan Linsey from The Voice, and other countless artists and writers all over the world through his workshops and seminars. On top of his teaching and own career, MAB hosts “Musical Tours” of Nashville, where he teaches artists and writers about writing, performing, networking and business. MAB has written over 3,000 songs, performed by himself as well as other artists all over the world.

Marc-Alan will offer a unique insight to the readers of In Charge Country. “In Nashville, it is not necessary to know everybody. You just need to know one person who knows everybody. Marc-Alan Barnette is that person”.

In Charge is excited to welcome him to the team! Keep your eye out for MAB’s featured pieces!

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