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Brooke Eden Shines with her New Single "Diamonds"

Last week, In Charge Country got to speak to Brooke Eden, a Florida Native who is quickly taking the Nashville scene by storm. She has a new EP, Welcome to the Weekend, which came out on September 23, and we were lucky enough to hear all about it. “Diamonds”, the single off of the EP, is all about having a good time with your friends and letting loose. Brooke said the edgy tune was inspired by her own parties she had in high school. She and her friends would meet up in the woods, circle up their trucks, turn on the headlights, and dance to the local country music station. When asked why she chose “Diamonds” as the single, she told us that she wanted everyone’s first impression of her EP to be catchy and relatable, while also having a deeper meaning behind it. With such a connection with the single, it’s one of her favorite songs off of the new EP, along with “Silence Speaks.” While Brooke has gotten to work with some amazing musicians (her favorite to work with is her amazing band), she aspires to work with Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark, two highly successful country singer-songwriters that Brooke looks up to. She is also currently on tour and loves how there is something unique about every show, but her favorite performance so far was at the Gorge in George, Washington, which she got to play two weekends in a row and had a blast there on and off stage. As for advice to those in the music industry, Brooke thinks it is extremely important to know who you are as an artist and stick to it unapologetically. We agree, as it seems to be working for her! Brooke has a very relatable personality and sound while also staying unique and true to herself. Check out more about her at her website and make sure to buy her brand new EP, Welcome to the Weekend!

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