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Charlie Daniels' "Night Hawk" Takes Us Back In Time

Charlie Daniels is widely known for his crossovers between classic rock and country, and his new album “Night Hawk” holds up that reputation. The album has an extremely old, “wild wild west” vibe to it, and that is exactly what we love about it- what’s more Charlie Daniels than feeling like you’re a cowboy in a saloon?

The album starts off with “Big Balls in Cow Town”, which will immediately feel like you should be square dancing. The album also features some songs that cross over into a Latin feel, like “Billy the Kid”. Of course, you can’t forget the typical country sound each album shares somehow, and Daniels does this in his song “Night Hawk”, which is rhythmically similar to “Family Tradition”. No surprise there, since Daniels played fiddle on Hank Williams, Jr.’s album “Hank Williams, Jr. and Friends”.

Not only does the album feature a great amount of Daniels’s famous fiddle playing, but also quite a bit of harmonica as well. “Night Hawk” is proof that Daniels has still got it at the age of 79, which can’t be said for everybody. If you want to listen to authentic, old-timey cow boy country, click here to listen to “Night Hawk”!

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