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Mila Mason's "Stained Glass Window"

Mila Mason's album, "Stained Glass Window," is sweet and contemplative. I love how the opening track, "Maybe, Maybe Not," perfectly describes how an old relationship and past can linger. My favorite lyric is, "I turned on the radio... Played our favorite song. It really freaked me out to hear it on every station I turned on. Maybe it's a sign...." Isn't that exactly how it goes? You overanalyze everything and wonder... "But then again, maybe not." Track no. 2, "What Are the Odds" goes on to describe the way the past comes back to find you. The humble and soothing track is followed by the title track, "Stained Glass Window." The story of the woman on the other side of a broken stained glass window is beautiful sung by Mila. "Stained Glass Window's" lyrics are as colorful as the title implies. Mila's title track is followed by other clever lyrics and pretty melodies, but my favorite to crank up is the nostalgic and matter of fact, "Unlove Me." Lyrics like "I can't unsee all of that I saw with you, and I can't unhear words that I thought were true. I still can't unlose what we have lost," pull me into the song. Check out "Stained Glass Window" HERE Find more of Mila Mason HERE

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