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Kayla Adams

Kayla Adams talks with In Charge Country!

Macy Martin

Macy Martin talks with InCharge Country Magazine

Kristian Bush

Kristian Bush of Sugarland talks about who is In Charge of country music and his house in interview with In Charge Country.

Denny Stickland

Denny Stickland talks with InCharge Country.

Curtis Braly

Curtis Braly talks with InCharge Country Magazine about his career in country music. 

Callie Twissleman

Callie Twissleman talks music with InCharge Country Magazine. 

Kayla Calabrese

Learn more about Kayla Calabrese and her journey in the music industry, with an exclusive, "In Charge Country" interview. Check out Kayla's music at

Interview with Kaptain Jack of Renegade Radio Nashville

Check out our video interview with Kaptain Jack at Renegade Radio Nashville! Watch as he explains the importance of artists to seek radio play on internet radio and his thoughts on current country music trends.

Interview with Robby Lynn

In Charge Country interviews Robby Lynn, host of Sunday's Kind of Country. Lynn talks to us about why Christian country music is making its comeback in the industry and with avid country fans as well.

Interview with Kayla Woodson

Interviewing Kayla Woodson was delightful! Watch the video and learn more about what makes her such a success!

Interview with Richard Lynch

Check out In Charge Country's interview with Richard Lynch!

Pamela Lack and Bobby Earl Ray Interview

Watch in Charge's Interview with Pamela Lack and Bobby Earl Ray- song writers and demo-ists! 

Interview with Josh Gallagher from "The Voice"

Get to know more about Josh, his experience on "The Voice" and when his next EP release date is! Be sure to watch the full interview on CMtvHUB!

Interview with Lee Gibson

Check out our interview with the amazing singer-songwriter, Lee Gibson. Be sure to catch the full interview exclusively through CMtvHUB!

Dixie Jade Interview

Here's our interview with Nashville's lovely country duo, Dixie Jade. Check out the full video exclusively through CMtvHUB! 

Corey Nolen - In Charge Country

Join us at In Charge Country as we talk with Corey Nolan, singer-songwriter from Alabama, about the journey of being a songwriter. Be sure to watch the full interview on CMtvHUB!


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