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Mo Pitney is back with what he considers his most emotional release yet. "Mattress On The Floor" is a touching and heartwarming song that reminds us that all the money and riches in the world are nothing compared to the feeling of true love.

Mo Pitney tackles the struggles of the ups and downs of newlywed life in his new video "Mattress On The Floor." Centered around a blue-collar couple struggling to make ends meet, the video shows the highs and lows as the two face the obstacles presented by their financial situation. The end message however is that love conquers all. The video premiered on Taste of Country yesterday, and Mo had the following to say in an interview for the release, "The song is centered around the idea that no matter where you are and what you have, the greatest treasure is love and trust and finding that in someone that shares the same for you. You could have all the cars, money, fame and accolades that you wanted, but if you don’t have that one thing that remains, you essentially have nothing.”



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